A humble prophet and servant of the Lord according to Malachi 4:5 and 6, Luke 17:30, Revelation 10:7 to prepare the heart of the Bride to unite with the Lord Jesus.

His Ministry
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Spoken Word Christian fellowship

Welcome to Spoken Word Christian Fellowship. Located in Scarborough, Toronto, we are a small non-denominational group that believes the End-Time Message as brought by Brother William Marrion Branham, in fulfilment of Bible Prophecy.

Sed id est id tellus

From humble beginnings in a Scarborough basement in 1989 we have been gathering together in the Precious Name of the Lord Jesus Christ to fellowship around the Word of God.

Our prayer is that we might encourage you to completely surrender your all to the perfect will of God that He might perfect His life in you and fulfill the Word of this Hour in you.

Times of fellowship

We Invite You!

We have no Law but Love, No Creed but Christ Jesus and we invite you to come and worship with us.

GOD's Servant & Prophet

William Branham

The Life & Testimony of
William Branham.

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Baruch Haba Ba Shem Adonia

Sed id est id tellusThere He was - the Messiah - riding into Jerusalem. The great Rabbi that taught the people a new a living way was making a humble entrance.

The Fulfilment of Bible Prophecy

Sed id est id tellusWhat was the Attraction on Mount Jerusalem? God was fulfilling His own Prophecy. Prophecy identifies the Presence of God.

Uniting Time and Sign

Sed id est id tellusIn times of the Fulfilment of Prophecy many forces begin to unite before the final confrontation of God versus the devil - good vs evil.

From Praise to Persecution

Sed id est id tellusThe most momentous week in the scriptures and all times began with shouts of adulation. But did the people truly love Him?